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Welcome back to the Fall semester 2023! iWorx would like to get you started on the right foot. Many instructors ask us for advice for bringing in more physiology to their A&P Lab classes. Many labs rely heavily on the “Anatomy” side of things and the “Physiology” side gets short shrift.

This is where iWorx can help! With iWorx Physiology Lab Kits we bridge the gap. So no subject gets the short shrift. Get your iWorx Physiology Lab Kit and enjoy hands on learning featuring 100s of built-in labs from multiple subjects!

Check out some of our favorite labs and reach out about your FREE quote today!

Additional labs can be found right in your software and on the iWorx Lab Manual page. All these labs offer opportunities for student research as well!

HK-TR ROAM Physiology Lab Kit with Wireless EMG/ECG

iWorx HK-TR ROAM Physiology Lab Kit

  • Teach over 100 exercises in cardiovascular, respiratory, and neuromuscular physiology
  • Low Noise Wireless ECG/EMG (optional EEG)
  • Pre-calibrated plug-and-play sensors
  • Easy-to-use LabScribe software
  • Built-in spirometer to reduce drift
  • Fast set-up

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