Translating LabScribe

For Translating LabScribe into a different language:

Download poedit from:

Install poedit.

Download the file from:

Unzip the file.

Open the folder for your language

br: Portuguese ( Brazil)
de: German
en_US: US
es: Spanish
fr: French
ja: Japanese
ko: Korean
zh_TW: Chinese

If your language is not included in the list please let me know.

Open the labScribe.po file in your language folder in poedit.

The text used in LabScribe will be shown in the left hand side column.
if you click on a text, it will also show in a box below.
You can enter your translation in the lefthand side bottom box.

Once you have translated all the text.
Save the labscribe.po file

poedit will create a file as well.

Zip up your language folder and email it to me.  I will add it to labscribe.


[email protected]

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