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Why Trade-up?

  • Quiet ECG/EMG/EEG Signals
  • Built-In Spirometer minimizes drift
  • Pre-Calibrated Sensors
  • Human-Safe Stimulator
  • 14+ Channels
  • More Labs/Experiments
  • Generous Trade-in
  • All New Sensors
  • Brand New Warranty
  • Set for the future…


The iWorx TA Control Module, at the heart of the new TA kits, automates many manual functions which allow you to spend more time engaging your students in performing labs and less time setting them up. Here are just a few of the many advantages offered by the TA kits:

  • Integrated pre-calibrated sensors (spirometer, grip force, blood pressure, and temperature sensors) streamline set-up
  • Built-in high voltage stimulator for human muscle and nerve experiments
  • On-board barometric pressure sensor ensures the highest accuracy for your spirometry lab
  • Unique iWire digital interface adds plug and play ease as well as quieter signals for ECG, EMG, EEG and GSR recordings

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