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Note: The labs presented here are intended only for evaluation by prospective customers. iWorx users should refer to the Users Area for the most current versions of labs and LabScribe Software.

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iWorx Human Physiology laboratory exercises are keyed to the HAPS Learning Goals and Outcomes.
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Human PsychoPhysiology
Included with
Equipment Required
HP-01: The Electroencephalogram (EEG)IX-TA, iWire-B3G , A-HB-iWire
HP-02: Galvanic Skin Response and EmotionIX-TA, IWIRE-B3G , C-ISO-GSR
HP-03: Galvanic Skin Response and Deception, Coginitive Compliance and VigilanceIX-TA, IWIRE-B3G , C-ISO-GSR
HP-04: Skin Temperature, Stress, Calming and EmbarrassmentIX-TA, TM-220 , iWire-B3G , C-ISO-GSR
HP-05A: Heart Rate and Blood PressureIX-TA, PT-104 , BP-220
HP-05B: Personality and Vagal ToneIX-TA, PT-104 , A-RM-220
HP-05C: Vigilance and Reaction TimeIX-TA, PT-104 , EM-220
HP-06: Cynicism-Hostility and the Hot ReactorIX-TA, PT-104 , BP-220
HP-07: The Stroop EffectIX-TA, IWIRE-B3G , PT-104 , C-ISO-GSR
HP-08: The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Investigation into CheatingIX-TA, IWIRE-B3G , PT-104 , C-ISO-GSR
HP-09: Facial Expression Electromyograms (EMG) and EmotionIX-TA, IWIRE-B3G
HP-10: Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP)IX-TA, IWIRE-B3G
HP-11: Multisensory Reaction TimesIX-TA, C-HVS-SL2
HP-12: Rubber Hand IllusionIX-TA, IWIRE-B3G , C-ISO-GSR , TM-220 , PT-104
HP-13: The Gaze Cue ParadigmIX-TA, EM-220
HP-13A: The Gaze Cue Paradigm using Eye Tracker system IX-TA, EM-220 , iTrax
HP-14: Hypothesis-driven Biofeedback Lab/Research Study IX-TA, IWIRE-B3G , C-ISO-GSR , PT-104 , BP-220 , A-RM-220 , TM-220 , C-ISO-SC5 headstrap
HP-15: Hypothesis-driven Prepulse Inhibition Lab/Research StudyIX-TA, iWire-B3G
HP-16: Eriksen Flanker TestIX-TA, EM-220 , EM-220
HP-17: Levels of Processing and MemoryIX-TA, EM-220 , EM-220 , RPD-400 (opt)
HP-18: Posner Attention TestIX-TA, iWire-B3G , EM-220 , iTrax (opt)
HP-19: Lexical Decision TaskIX-TA, EM-220 , EM-220 , RPD-400 (opt)
HP-20: Listening to relaxing music to control tension.IX-TA, iWire-B3G , PT-104 , A-RM-220
HP-21: Looking at vacation imagery to control tension.IX-TA, iWire-B3G , PT-104 , A-RM-220
HP-22: How does anticipating something affect your physiology; HR, temp, RR, etc…IX-TA, PT-104 , A-RM-220 , TM-220 , iWire-B3G
HP-23: Using deception and famous faces to determine witness accuracy. IX-TA, EM-220 , iWire-B3G , iTrax
HP-24: To determine whether alternative healing items really work physiologically.IX-TA, iWire-B3G , PT-104 , BP-220 , A-RM-220 , TM-220
HP-25: When perceiving a stimulus, features are registered early and automatically, while objects are identified separately and later.IX-TA, RPD-400
HP-26: Searching for a curved letter around in a circle and any other letters they can remember.IX-TA, EM-220
HP-27: Images with a series of dots followed by an image of an arrow – is the arrow pointing do the dots?IX-TA, RPD-400
HP-28: Listening to music to psych up before a sporting event. IX-TA, iWire-B3G , PT-104 , C-ISO-SC5
HP-29: Determine, by looking at various male and female faces., why some are more attractive than others.IX-TA, IWIRE-B3G , C-ISO-GSR , PT-104 , TM-220 , RPD-400
HP-30: Uses neuro-feedback to control anxiety.IX-TA, iWire-B3G , A-HB-iWire
HP-30A: Uses neuro-feedback to control anxiety. IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-ISO-SC5 Headstrap


Fluid Balance
Included with
Equipment Required
FB-01: Osmoregulation IX-TA, FT-302

Popular Labs

Note: The labs presented here are intended only for evaluation by prospective customers. iWorx users should refer to the Users Area for the most current versions of labs and LabScribe Software.

Foundations of Human Physiology Experiments
These exercises are designed for use in non-majors human Biology or Anatomy & Physiology courses. Lab exercises have been designed to be able to be completed within a shorter time period..
Cardiac Physiology Equipment Required
CP-1: The Electrocardiogram (ECG) and the PulseIX-TA, iWire-B3G, PT-104,
CP-2: Heart Sounds and the Electrocardiogram (ECG)IX-TA, iWire-B3G, EM-220,
CP-3: The Effects of Exercise on the Electrocardiogram (ECG) and the PulseIX-TA, iWire-B3G, PT-104, FT-220,
Exercise Physiology Equipment Required
EP-1: Cardiac Recovery after ExerciseIX-TA, PT-104,
EP-2 : The Effect of Exercise on Metabolism and Body TemperatureIX-TA, PT-104, TM-220,
Muscle Physiology Equipment Required
MP-1 : Electromyogram (EMG) Activity and Muscle StrengthIX-TA, iWire-B3G, FT-220,
MP-2 : Stimulus Response, Work, Summation, and Tetanus in Human MuscleIX-TA, iWire-B3G,
Nerve Physiology Equipment Required
NP-1 : Reflex Response to Auditory and Visual StimuliIX-TA, EM-220,
NP-2A: Skeletal Muscle Reflexes with Reflex HammerIX-TA, PRH-100,
NP-2B: Skeletal Muscle Reflexes with Pulse PlethysmographIX-TA, PT-104,
Psychophysiology Equipment Required
PP-1A : Electroencephalogram (EEG) ActivityIX-TA, iWire-B3G,
PP-1B: Electroencephalogram (EEG) Activity using Button ElectrodesIX-TA, C-ISO-SC5,
Respiratory Physiology Equipment Required
RP-1: The Effects of Exercise on BreathingIX-TA, A-FH-300,
RP-2: The Effect of Gravity on BreathingIX-TA, A-FH-300,
RP-3: The Effect of Breathing on Heart RateIX-TA, A-FH-300, PT-104,
Vascular Physiology Equipment Required
VP-1 : Blood Pressure, Pulse, and Body PositionIX-TA, PT-104, BP-220,
VP-2 : Blood Pressure, Pulse, and Imposed ConditionsIX-TA, PT-104, BP-220,

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Note: The labs presented here are intended only for evaluation by prospective customers. iWorx users should refer to the Users Area for the most current versions of labs and LabScribe Software.

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