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[tab: ECG]

To measure ECG  from Rodents the recommended systems are:


ECG signals can be measured with the IX-BIOx.  Measuring 2 channels of ECG, Lead I and Lead II allows LabScribe software to calculate Lead III, aVR, aVF and aVL .  EMG signals can be measured at the same time as the ECG signals.

Application note on using the IX-BIO4-SA for recording 6 lead Rat ECG.

Analysing ECG’s recorded in LabScribe with Kubios HRV


[tab: EMG]

To measure  EMG from mice the recommended systems are:


Perform MVC calculations in LabScribe.

EMG analysis using LabScribe

[tab: ERG]


iWorx systems, recorders and software have been used for recording ERGs in rodents and insects as noted in these Citations.


DP-301 AmplifierDifferential Amplifier (DP-301) by Warner Instruments
The DP-301 is a single channel AC/DC differential pre-amplifier highly suited for EEG, EKG and extracellular recording.

Differential Amplifier (Model 3000) by A-M Systems
The Model 3000 High-Gain AC/DC Differential Amplifier is designed for low-noise recordings from excitable tissue. Specific applications include EEG, EKG, extracelluar recordings, and more.


KIX-RA-834 8 Channel RecorderiWorx IX-RA-834 8 Channel Recorder
The iWorx RA-834C Recorder is the most advanced and feature-rich physiological data acquisition system on the market.

IX-400 Series Recorder

iWorx IX-400 Series Recorders
The iWorx 400 Series recorders are economical, high performance four, eight or sixteen channel data recorders for use with a broad range of analog amplifiers.



[tab: BP]

Blood Pressure:

[tab: PVLoop]

Pressure Volume Loops:


[tab: Citations]

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