Using iWorx Hardware with other Software

Custom Applications


You can use Matlab to record data from iWorx Recorders. All features of the iWorx hardware may not work with MatLab.

Here is an example of using Matlab to record data. 

User Examples:


It is also  possible to use LabView® with the iWorx hardware.  All features of the iWorx hardware may not work with LabView.

To use iworx hardware with LabView,
please download the LabView library interface:
unzip it, : contains the dll and the labview library.  LabView created this in the user.lib folder in the labview folder.
iWorxTest  folder contains an example to acquire data from an iWorx device.
the  needs to be modified to provide the new path for the default settings file as well as the log file.
The settings file have to be created using LabScribe. Once LabScribe is setup for your experiment, you can save a settings file by choosing File->Save As.  and choosing the file type as settings.

When you run it, with an iWorx hardware connected,  it should identify the hardware, list some of the capabilities of the hardware,  then start acquisition, collect 2 seconds worth of data and stop acquisition after 10 seconds.

Using LabScribe Software to analyze data acquired from other hardware

Use the LabScribe Data Import module to import text or edf data into LabScribe software.  Then any of the LabScribes built-in functions or advanced analysis modules can be used. 

Syncing iWorx recorders with other recorders

Sending Trigger signal from iWorx recorder to other devices

Use the Stimulator output or the Digital outputs from iWorx recorders to send a signal to external devices

Sending Trigger signal from other devices to iWorx recorder

Use the digital inputs or any analog channel on the iWorx recorders to receive a signal from external devices

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