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Tissue Bath SystemOverview

Isolated tissue and organ preparations allow researchers to investigate the physiology and pharmacology of various tissue samples in a controlled environment without the complications of an intact animal model. These in vitro experiments can be performed using a variety of tissues and organs including smooth muscle, skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, gastrointestinal and urogenital tissue samples and arterial rings. Typically, these studies are performed in temperature controlled environments with tissues perfused in an oxygenated physiological buffer solution. Typical evoked-response protocols can be carried out using pharmacological agents and/or electrical stimulation.

iWorx  offers transducers, amplifiers, stimulators and recorders that work with a variety of tissuebath systems.


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Myograph Systems

MYO-CH Wire MyographMYO-CH Halpern/Mulvaney Style Wire Myograph Chamber

The wire myograph include three types of tissue supports: wire-mounts for microvessels, L-bars for large ring preparations, and a hook for working with strips, making it suitable for a range of applications including force measurements in microvessel rings, large vessels such as carotid artery and aorta, airway, intestine, bladder, and many more.


MYO-SC-1 Force Transducer Signal ConditionerMYO-SC-1 Force Transducer Signal Conditioner

The MYO-SC-1 Force Transducer Signal Conditioner is designed to convert the force measurement made by the force transducer in our MYO-CH wire myograph chamber into an analog voltage suitable for recording with an analog-to-digital converter or chart recording device.




MYO-01 Wire Myograph Package

MYO-01 Halpern/Mulvaney Style Wire Myograph Package

The MYO-01 includes a MYO-CH Wire Myograph Chamber with Modular Tissue Supports and a MYO-SC-1 Force Transducer Signal Conditioner.





MYO-01-SH Self Heated Wire MyographMYO-01-SH Self Heated Wire Myograph Package

In some cases, such as when using expensive peptides or other drugs, bath superfusion is not an option. These applications call for minimizing the volume of bath fluid to keep the amount of reagents used to a minimum. In these cases, heating the bath to physiological temperatures can be problematic. However, with the wire myograph chamber (MYO-CH) and temperature controller (TC-09S), you can heat the wire myograph chamber directly to physiological temperatures. This package contains everything needed to conduct these self-heating studies in the wire myograph chamber.

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