LabScribe ERP Analysis Module

An ERP (Event Related Potential) occurs in response to a specific stimulus. This stimulus may be a sensory, cognitive, or motor event. The ERP is the time-locked average of an EEG over many trials involving the same event. The repetition reduces the EEG’s inherent signal to noise ratio, so the specific potential related to the event is displayed.



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The LS-ERP Analysis is an advanced module for LabScribe software.  Use the Experiment Builder capabilities of LabScribe to present a Audio-Visual stimulus and record the EEG. To compare the response typically 2 or more stimuli are presented. 


  • Includes LabScribe’s built-in stimulus presentation/experiment builder software like ePrime, OpenSesame, psychopy etc.
  • Play sound, display images or videos as part of predefined experimental protocols using macros.
  • Use marks to locate the stimuli
  • Export of data in text, EDF or MatLab format allows for post-processing with many EEG analysis programs
  • Integrates with other stimulus presentation experiment builder software such as OpenSesame

LabScribe ERP manual

ERP Analysis Window

Selection and Measurements

  • Place Marks in the record when the stimulus is presented. These marks can be used to locate the selection of interest.
  • the Baseline can be set to zero or an max, min or mean of a selection of data.
  • The Response can be calculated as a Max, Min, Mean, or Max-Min of a region in the selection.
  • 6 cursors are provided to make measurements from 6 locations in the selection.
  • The calculations as well as the graphs can be exported out.
ERP settings

The analysis capabilities of LabScribe can be extended by using various open source EEG analysis programs such as:

EEGLAB :  EEGLAB is an interactive Matlab toolbox for processing continuous and event-related EEG, MEG and other electrophysiological data incorporating independent component analysis (ICA), time/frequency analysis, artifact rejection, event-related statistics, and several useful modes of visualization of the averaged and single-trial data.

SleepSMG:  an open source matlab user interface for scoring sleep and comparing sleep scores across individuals.


Papers about EEG using iWorx systems on Google Scholar

Papers about ERP using iWorx systems on Google Scholar

Symbol Processing in the Blink of an Eye: an EEG Study :
by Isaiah Cushman, Gemma Francisco, Michelle Kang, and Nick Taylor, of Irvine Valley College

Design Your System

Choose the parameters you want to Measure

EMG : Number of Channels
Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Non-Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Flow : Number of Channels
Temperature: Number of Channels
Force: Number of Channels
Stimulation: Describe the type

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