LabScribe ECG Analysis Module

LabScribe ECG Software Module is a powerful and user-friendly tool intended to automate the analysis of ECG data from a variety of species.

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Templates for different species

Create your own custom template or use one of the templates provided for  Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Pig, Guinea Pig, Small Dog, Large Dog,  Zebrafish. 

Filtering and Averaging

Use FIR and Notch filters to filer out the noise from the ECG signal before processing. 

Multiple cycles can also be average further reducing the noise. Average by specified number of beats, or specified time interval.

Graphical display of detected points

The following locations are displayed on the ECG waveform:

  • Beginning, peak and end of P
  • Beginning of Q
  • peak of R wave
  • End of S
  • Beginning, peak and end of T wave


  • Measure various intervals such as: QRS, QT, QTc, QR, ST Pb-R, P-R, Pe-R, Qb-R, Q-R, S-R, Se-R, Tb-R, T-R, Te-R
  • Amplitudes such as: P , Q, R, S , T, ST elevation, QR Amp.
  • Durations such as : T Duration,  P Duration, TP Duration, QATN

Outliers and Artifacts

Outlier removal based on abnormal R-R intervals, heart rate, noise,  activity, P amplitude, and T amplitude.

Manually mark outliers if needed.  A list of outliers is displayed 


Plug and play compatible with all iWorx data acquisition.   Measurements from implantable telemetry devices as well as surface and intracardiac electrodes. Use iWorx bio Amplifiers for a clean signal or use the optional Import module to analyze data recorded with other applications

Software Updates

Software upgrades are automatically available as they are released

Data Output

Export a table of the measurements to excel for further analysis. Graphs can also be export, along with the points used to draw the average graph, so that the average graph can be redrawn in any graphics program for publication



ECG Analysis Video
Play Video
LabScribe ECG Analysis
ECG Analysis Window
ECG Artifact Detection
Artifact Detection
ECG points Marked on the graph
ECG points marked

Other LabScribe Features for ECG analysis

ECG features in LabScribe

  • Calculate Heart Rate,
  • Export RR intervals
  • Calculate Lead III, aVr, aVf and aVl from Lead I and Lead II
  • Calculate HRV Power bands
  • Use Macros to automate tasks

Heart Rate Variability

Kubios HRV – Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software is an advanced tool for studying the variability of heart beat intervals.  Data can be exported from LabScribe using the edf export option and then imported into Kubios HRV for analysis, as shown in this technote

LabScribe Import Module

The iWorx ASCII Import Module enables import of data in text format that was recorded in any other data acquisition program. The module also allows the researcher to use the analysis functions in LabScribe software on data they may have previously recorded with a different program.

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