Experiment Builder using LabScribe

LabScribe provides an easy-to-use system for computerized experiment design for psychology and neuroscience
experiments. In addition to presenting visual and auditory stimuli, physiological parameters can be recorded from iWorx recorders using the same software.


Stimulus Presentation

 picturesImages:  Display jpg, png, bmp images. Pick the images to be displayed or at random .
moviesMovies:  Play movies supported by the operating system.
colors     Colors: Display Colors
music     Music: Play sound files
spreadsheet    Speadsheet: Use Spreadsheets to customize media presentations
events     Events: Use Events to control the presentation

Setup Videos

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  • Sync with Gazepoint Eyetrackers.
  • Use the LS-220 light sensor to avoid operating system delays and detect onset of visual stimuli with precision.
  • Use iWire-AM  to monitor the onset and the peak amplitude of the audio.
  • Use Digital outputs to send events to external devices.
  • Read Digital Inputs from other devices.
  • Use LabScribe Serial Monitor to sync with serial output devices

Other LabScribe’s capabilities include

  • Prebuilt experiments for common psychological tests, such as Stroop effect, Gaze-CueParadigm, Eriksen Flanker Test.
  • Use multiple monitor displays
  • Select a monitor on which to display the entire experiment, while looking at the physiological data on a separate monitor.
  • Does not need multiple computers.
  • Site License included.
  • Wait for an event, before continuing the sequence.
  • Experiment is saved as a single setting file.
  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Cross-platform application, running on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) or Mac OS X
  • Use with the Stimulus Response Module to automate data analysis

Some Experiments using the experiment builder in LabScribe:

HP-30: ExperimentBuilder : Automate your own experiment with Macros

HP-07: The Stroop Effect – Interference of Stimuli on Associative Tasks

HP-13: The Gaze Cue Paradigm

HP-16: Eriksen Flanker Test

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Design Your System

Choose the parameters you want to Measure

EMG : Number of Channels
Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Non-Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Flow : Number of Channels
Temperature: Number of Channels
Force: Number of Channels
Stimulation: Describe the type

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