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BP-100RE: Blood Pressure Transducer Replacement Element


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Blood Pressure Transducer Replacement Element

The BP-100 has a gain resistor that presets the gain on iWorx amplifiers and recorders.

When used with an iWorx recorder or amplfier the output of the BP-100 is 20mV/mmHg

Technote : Invasive BP measurment in Rats

BP-100 Specifications
Operating Pressure 0 to +300 mmHg
Over Pressure -500 to +500 mmHg
Sensitivity 5 uV/V/mmHg
Output with iWorx Amplifiers 20mV/mmHg
Excitation Voltage +/- 5 VDC
Temperature Effect +0.25 mmHg/degrees C
Input Impedance 270 ohms to 400 ohms
Output Impedance 270 ohms to 400 ohms
Operating Temp. 15° C to 40° C

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