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NA-100 Neuroamp Extracellular Amplifier

The NA-100 Neuroamp Extracellular Amplifier is optimized for high-quality low-noise extracellular recording. It interfaces directly to a DIN-8 input connector on the iWorx 214 Data Recorder or other iWorx recorders having DIN-8 inputs. Recording and data analysis is seamlessly managed through LabScribe software.

Manual: NA-100

All cables, as well as the ground wire and the cables connecting to the electrode, are shielded for additional noise rejection.

The electrode cables are removable and can be replaced with cables of different lengths
appropriate to individual experimental set-ups.

iWorx NA-100 Specifications
Input Connector3 pin XLR
Output ConnectorDIN 8
Voltage GainX200
High Pass Filter100 Hz, 2 pole
Low Pass Filter30 kHz, 2 pole
Headphone Mono Phono Connector
Power + 5V at 10 mA
Part NumberNA-100

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