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FT-5K: 5kg Force Transducer


The FT-5K utilizes load cell technology. A load cell is a force-sensing unit and is designed to measure a specific force ignoring other forces being applied. The FT-5K is equipped with two ranges, 0-5kg and 0-500 grams. The FT-5K can be used in various experiments to study topics such as harmonic motion, friction, centripetal force, etc.
Input Range0 to 5Kg
Output Range0.5V to 4.5V
CalibrationRequired every use
Default scaling Value Range 5kG: 0.3976 mV / gram
Range 500 gm: 3.976mV /gram
Useful Range 1 0-500grams
Useful Range 2 0-5kgrams
Resolution± 2.5 g
Temperature Effect on Span250 mg/°C
Temperature Effect on Zero500 mg/°C

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