Refurbished FT-104


FT-104 has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the FT-302

The FT-104 is a rugged, student-grade force transducer intended for the teaching laboratory. A machined anodized aluminum body and delrin sleeve make this transducer extremely resistant to both physical and electrical abuse.

The FT-104 can be used in experiments involving skeletal muscle or other applications where forces range between 0.05 and 250 grams. The FT-104 requires an ETH series signal conditioner or an iWorx recorder equipped with a transducer input.

FT-104 Specifications
Overall Length 8.5 in.
Blade Only ±2.625 in.
Sleeve Diameter 0.625 in.
Body Diameter +/-0.25 mmHg/degrees C.
Handle Diameter 2.5cm
Cable Length ±4 ft.
Useful Range 0 – 250 g
Resolution 0.1 g
sensitivity 6.5 m/V/g @x1 Gain
Sensor Type ±Fuyll Bridge
Excitation Voltage +/-5 V
Bridege Resistance 320 W each side
Warranty 3 years

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