Pulse-Ox: Finger Clip Sensor (A-PO2-FC)

Finger clip-style sensor used in conjunction with the PO2-200 Pulse Oximeter for measuring blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) in humans.


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The fingertip pulse oximetry sensors are ideal for short-term monitoring and spot checks in situations where the risk of cross-contamination is low.


  • Use clean, dry finger where sensor will be placed. Heavy lotions, sunscreen, dirt, oils and nail polish may alter accuracy
  • Gently squeeze to open the sensor. The finger symbol should be on top of the finger Check that the sensor gently hugs the finger and is not too tight or too loose
  • Secure the sensor to the back of the hand with medical tape to allow movement if necessary
  • Connect to the pulse-oximeter to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate
  • Use index, middle or ring finger. Rotate finger sites for extended use and comfort
  • Do not use on arm with BP cuff
  • If signal quality is low
    • Check sensor position and size for good fit
    • Check connections at pulse-ox
    • Check that the hand is warm and has good blood flow
    • use a different finger

Cleaning Sensor

  • Use a soft cloth with 10% bleach/90% water solution
  • Do not use ammonium chloride based cleaning fluids
  • Open sensor up to 90 degrees to clean the skin contacting surfaces. Do not overextend. 
  • Wipe away the connector plug. Do not submerge or immerse sensor or connector plug
  • Allow to completely dry before use.

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