Pulse-Ox: Ear Clip Sensor (A-PO2-EC)

Ear clip-style sensor used in conjunction with the PO2-200 Pulse Oximeter for measuring blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) in humans.


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The reusable ear clip sensor offers flexibility for spot check and longer-term SpO2 monitoring when digits are not the preferred application site.


  • Remove any jewelry from the ear prior to attaching the clip sensor
  • Wash and dry the ear lobe to remove any make-up or heavy lotions
  • Vigorously rub the ear lobe for five seconds to stimulate blood flow
  • Gently squeeze to open the sensor. 
  • Slide onto the lobe, placing the emitter and dtector elements completely onto the center of the ear lobe
  • Connect to the pulse-oximeter to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate
  • If signal quality is low
    • Check connections at pulse-ox
    • Check that the ear is warm and has good blood flow
    • use the other ear

Cleaning Sensor

  • Use a soft cloth with 10% bleach/90% water solution
  • Do not use ammonium chloride based cleaning fluids
  • Do not overextend the hinge
  • Wipe away the connector plug. Do not submerge or immerse sensor or connector plug
  • Allow to completely dry before use.

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