Pulse Ox: Wrap Sensor ( A-PO2-AWS )

Wrap-style sensor used in conjunction with the PO2-300 Pulse Oximeter for measuring blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) in animals.


Manual: A-PO2-AWS

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Flexible wrap sensor can be placed on a small, well-perfused appendage. Easily secured; ideal for continuous monitoring during long surgical or other procedures. Most often used on rodents or other very small animals.

This sensor can be used at the base of the tail on some small animals. The diodes must be opposite of each other and applied to skin that is not overly pigmented or covered with hair. Do not wrap the sensor too tightly.

When monitoring oxygen saturation (SpO2), the sensor site must meet the following criteria:

  • Sensor site must be well perfused.
  • Sensor site must allow light to be transmitted through the tissue. (Skin must not be overly pigmented and fur/feathers etc. may need to be removed.)
  • Sensor site must allow proper attachment of the sensor.
    (Note: Certain veterinary drugs may cause reduced perfusion to the sensor site. This could compromise the function of a pulse oximeter.)

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