HK-ELVIS NI-ELVIS Compatible Human Physiology Teaching Kit

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The iWorx HK-ELVIS Human Physiology Teaching Kit for the National Instruments Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS II) enables biomedical engineering instructors to teach the theory, design, and prototyping of circuits and signal conditioning circuits as well as 17 experiments and 46 exercises in human physiology.With this novel teaching kit, biomedical engineering instructors can::

  • safely amplify and digitize human EMG, ECG, EEG, and other biopotentials
  • control flexible gain and filter settings via NI LabView software to accommodate a wide range of signals and transducer applications
  • explore biomedical differential amplifier design and probe signal paths
  • Create experiments and study design of add-on circuits in a protoboard area
  • compatible with standard molded safety electrode leads and all iWorx transducers

NOTE: The IX-ELVIS board is compatible with the NI-ELVIS -III and can be used with LabView, but LabScribeNI requires the DAQmx drivers which are not supported by the ELVIS-III.  LabscribeNI will not work with ELVIS-III


Circuit Design

Students can create experiments and study design of add-on circuits in a protoboard area. Students have the ability to tap into the signal from any channel at any stage and take it to the breadboard area where a custom circuit can condition the signal. The conditioned signal can then be sent to one of the Probe input channels for further evaluation.

Lab Applications

Laboratory exercises that can be performed using the HK-ELVIS kit?
include the following:
Cardiac Physiology : ECGHeartSounds
Cardiac Physiology : ECGPulse
Cardiac Physiology : ExerciseECGPulse

Exercise Physiology : CardiacRecovery-Exercise
Exercise Physiology : Exercise-Metabolism-Temp

Muscle Physiology : EMG-MuscleStength

Nerve Physiology : ReflexResponse
Nerve Physiology : SkeletalMuscleReflexes

Psychological Physiology : EEGActivity

Respiratory Physiology : Exercise-Breathing
Respiratory Physiology : Breathing-HeartRate
Respiratory Physiology : Gravity-Breathing

Tutorial: TutorialPulse

Vascular Physiology : BP-Pulse-BodyPosition
Vascular Physiology : BP-Pulse-ImposedConditions

The HK-ELVIS Teaching Kit includes the iWorx Bioinstrumentation Breadboard, which provides 2 channels of biopotentials, 2 channels of transducer inputs, and a stimulator output.

Sensors included:

Specifications of the IX-ELVIS board
Analog Inputs: 8 channels
BioPotential: 2 channel (x100 preamp gain)
Selectable Gain: x1, x2, x5, x10
High Pass Filters (Hz): 0.5, 5, 10, 100
Low Pass Filters (Hz): 5, 50, 150, 2k
Transducer Inputs: 2 channels
Preamp. Gain: set by the transducer
Selectable Gain: x1, x2, x5, x10,
Probe Inputs: 4 channels
Stimulator 2 Channels


Data from the IX-ELVIS and the NI-ELVIS system can be acquired by using LabScribeNI software. LabScribeNI requires DAQmx drivers.

LabView :

The IX-ELVIS can be controlled from LabView using the IX-ELVIS Amplifier Configurator


Andriţoi, Doru, Cătălina Luca, and Robert Fuior. “Modern Teaching Methods Used in the Study of Sensors and Transducers in the Biomedical Field.” The International Scientific Conference eLearning and Software for Education. Vol. 3. ” Carol I” National Defence University, 2019.

Muqri, M. R., & Shakib, J., & Lewis, J. R. (2017, June), Computational Modeling and Interdisciplinary Projects for Engineering Technology Students Paper presented at 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Columbus, Ohio.


ELVIS based Bio-Instrumentation Kit
  • Requires NI ELVIS system
  • 8 Standard Sensors
  • 2 Biopotential Channels
  • Includes LabScribeNI
  • LabView Compatible


Standard Bio-Instrumentation Kit
  • Works with any Recorder
  • 6 Sensors
  • 1 Bio Potential Channel
  • LabView Compatible
  • No Software Included


Bio-Instrumentation Lab Kit
  • Includes iWorx TR Recorder
  • 10 Sensors
  • 3 Bio Potential channels
  • Includes LabScribe
  • LabView Compatible

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