Inertia Measurement Unit (iWire-IMSx)

The iWorx iWire-IMSx system is designed for measuring acceleration and movement. The device connects directly with iWorx recorders with iWire interface such as the IX-TA-220, IX-TA-ROAM, IX-RA-834 and IX-RA5

3 axis – accelerometer

6 axis – accelerometer and gyroscope

9 axis – accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer




Manual: iWire-IMSx
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Range: Acceleration: ± 16g, angular velocity: ± 2000 ° / s.

Resolution: Acceleration: 6.1e-5g, Angular velocity: 7.6e-3 ° / s.

Stability: Acceleration: 0.01g, angular speed 0.05° / s.

Data output 200Hz.

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