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IS-TA Add-On Invertebrate Transducer Set

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iWorx Invertebrate Add-On Transducer Set for the HK-TA Human Physiology Teaching Kit provides everything needed for the following Invertebrate physiology experiments:

Crayfish Heart
Byssal Retractor Muscle
Crayfish Gut Pharmacology
Crayfish Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Cockroach Leg Mechanoreceptors
Action Potentials in Earthworm

The following Animal Physiology Experiments can also be performed with this kit.

Frog Electrocardiogram
Compound Action Potentials
Neuromuscular Studies


The IS-TA Invertebrate Add-on Transducer Set includes:

Design Your System

Choose the parameters you want to Measure

EMG : Number of Channels
Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Non-Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Flow : Number of Channels
Temperature: Number of Channels
Force: Number of Channels
Stimulation: Describe the type

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