IX-RA-5x Data Acquisition Systems

The iWorx RA5x data acquisition systems demonstrates the high resolution, low noise and flexibility required for a variety of research applications including:

  • Cardiac Function
  • Hemodynamics
  • Isolated tissue and organ studies
  • Exercise physiology research
  • Metabolic function studies
  • Neuroscience
  • Oocyte clamp and epithelial voltage clamp applications


Both iWorx IX-RA5 and IX-RA5S recorders feature-rich physiological data acquisition. Coming equipped with 2 BNC inputs, 2 Transducer inputs, 2 Event Marker inputs, 4 iWire inputs, 1 Temperature input, Sync in/out and low voltage stimulators.

The IX-RA5S also includes a constant current high voltage stimulator.

Recorder Features

  • Versatile record multiple signals simultaneously (i.e. heart rate, respiration and pulse oximetry). See a list of compatible sensors
  • Built-in Stimulators: built-in, software controlled low and high voltage stimulators for both human and animal experiments with a wide array of preset stimulation protocols
  • Longer Life Cycle: iWire digital design accommodates future lab technologies


Transducer 2 DIN8
iWire 2
Temperature 1
Sampling Speed  100,000 samples/sec aggregate
System Noise < 1mV p-p
Low Voltage Stimulator Output
Number 2
Connectors BNC
Output range ±15 VDC at 35 mA
Modes Pulse, Train, Constant, Step, Ramp, Triangle, Custom
High Voltage Stimulator Output (RA5S Only)
Number 1
Compliance 100V
Range 0-20 mA
0-100 mA
Event Marker Channels 2
Power Supply A-UP5-DC-13-3A
Interface USB 2.0
Dimension (8.25″x 5.7″ x 2″)
(21 cm x 14.5cm X 5 cm)
Weight 725 g
Warranty 3 years
Software LabScribe recording and analysis software

Built-In Stimulator

LabScribe supports various pacing and stimulation protocols with a built-in stimulator interface which allows delivery of a single, continuous, or train of pulses. Pulse durations, frequencies and amplitudes can be changed as the protocol is being delivered. 

2 Low Voltage Constant Voltage Stimulators and  1 High Voltage constant current stimulator is available

Various protocols are available such as

  • Pulse
  • Train,
  • Step, 
  • S1-S2-S3,
  • Sine wave,
  • Square wave,
  • Constant
  • Custom Time-Voltage
  • Burst 

The low voltage stimulator also has the capability to output any analog recorded channel, this allows the playback of heart sounds or outputting biopotential signals which can be used for making decisions, such as controlling an Arduino arm. 

Versatile, Yet Easy-to-Use Software for Even the Most Advanced Analyses
LabScribe software is a powerful recording and analysis package that features an intuitive, user-friendly interface for setting up acquisition screens, calibrating signals, and analyzing data. Up to 128 channels of data can be displayed simultaneously at sampling rates as high as 100,000 samples/second.

Specific analysis modules for cardiovascular research are available to analyze pressure signals, blood flow data, ECG recordings, ventricular pressure-volume loops and sonomicrometry dimension data.

Software Features

  • Intuitive Interface LabScribe software display data through a customizable, user-friendly interface
  • Real-Time Calculations Monitor and observe functional parameters with an array of real-time calculations and user-defined computed channels
  • Data Reduction Analyze, reduce data, average and write selections of data to the built-in journal or directly to a text file
  • Real-Time Annotations Mark data during an experiment with freeform text notes
  • XY Window Any two channels can be displayed in XY format, online or offline
  • FFT Analysis LabScribe includes a Fast Fourier Transform feature for frequency analysis of any signal

Expandable with iWire Technology

iWorx has developed a proprietary Serial Interface technology called iWire. iWire devices enable unparalleled expansion of your laboratory recording equipment by simply plugging in an iWire compatible device. Need to add 4 EMG channels to your protocol? No problem, simply plug in an IX-BIO4 iWire device. Need to record 12 leads of ECG? Simply plug in an iWire compatible 12-lead ECG device into one of the iWire inputs. A traditional data recorder would require 12 additional recording channels to accomplish this.


Compatible Sensors

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