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Refurbished IX-214R


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IX-214R Data Recorder

The iWorx 214R recorder is a refurbished, 4-channel data recorder that can be configured for EEG, EMG (EOG) or ECG. The iWorx 214 includes a dual channel biopotential amplifier approved for use on human subjects. Two additional channels accept a variety of sensors as well as voltage output of pH meters, spectrophotometers and other laboratory devices. The iWorx 214 also provides a fully functional built-in stimulator useful for a variety of human and animal labs. The recorder interfaces to a PC or MAC via a USB connection which provides high speed aggregate sampling (at 100 kHz continuous).


Analog Inputs:2 isolated differential biopotential/2single-ended/differential transducer inputs
Input Range:+5V
Excitation Voltage:+5V
Input Impedance:10 Gohm
Transducer Amplifier Response:0 – 10 kHz
Bio Amplifier Response:0.3-35Hz
0.03 – 150 Hz
3- 10kHz
Analog Output:1 (differential)
Output Range:+5V
Output Current:5 mA
Output Resolution:12 Bit
ADC Resolution:16 Bit
System Noise:+1 LSB (<1 mV)
Sampling Rate:100,000 samples/sec aggregate continuous
Trigger:1 (TTL)
Biopotential Amp:Safe for use on human subjects
Stimulator Output:+5V
Warranty:1 year

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