Platinum Recording Electrodes ( C-ISO-PNx)

Platinum Subdermal Needle Electrodes (48 inches). 15mm length for recording biopotentials from animal tissues.

The lead wires have colored safety connectors for use with the inputs of the iWire-B3G, iWire-BIO4, iWire-BIO8 , IX-B3G, IX-BIO4, IX-BIO8, or a standard C-AAMI recording cable.  These electrodes are used for recording from preparations like the earth- worm ventral nerve cord or the cockroach leg.


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The Platinum-Iridium Subdermal Needle Electrode is available in 13 mm in length and 0.40 mm (27G) in diameter needle.
BPA-free leadwire
DEHP-free leadwire
RoHS compliant
Leadwire core Tin plated Copper
Leadwire insulation PVC
Connector DIN 42802

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