BIK-TR ROAM BioInstrumentation Physiology Lab Kit

The BIK-TR ROAM BioInstrumentation Physiology Lab Kit includes all of the necessary hardware and components, LabScribe software and expertly written, customizable, lab manuals to teach 59 experiments in biosensing, biomedical engineering, quantitative physiology, cardiovascular, and neuromuscular physiology.



  • Circuit Design and Breadboard
  • MatLab, LabView, and C++ Drivers
  • Low Noise Wireless ECG/EMG/EEG
  • ECG Simulator, Wave Form Playback
  • LCD Display, Audio Output
  • 16 Digital I/O
  • Bipolar Human Stimulator
  • Grip Force, Temperature, Accelerometer, Pulse-Ox
  • Student Research Ready


Wired ECG/EMG option available: BIK-TRi

Information about previous generation: BioInstrumentation Teaching Kit


LabScribe is a powerful recording and analysis software package developed by iWorx. LabScribe has an intuitive, user-friendly interface for setting up acquisition screens, calibrating signals and analyzing data.

iWorx API: Custom applications can be developed for iWorx Hardware using our API. Matlab and LabView can be used to record data from iWorx recorders.

Circuit Design

Students can create experiments and study design of add-on circuits using the breadboard. Signal from any input channel of the IX-TA-ROAM can be routed to the stimulator and sent to the breadboard using the C-BNC-BB cable. Students have the ability to design a custom circuit to condition the signal. The conditioned signal can then be sent back to the IX-TA-ROAM using the C-DIN-BB cable, allowing the student to compare the raw biosignal and the conditioned signal in LabScribe.


The Stimulator in the IX-TA-ROAM can be setup to output waveforms, such as a square wave, sine wave ( up to 1kHz), pulses, steps, trains as well as custom waveforms. Create a custom waveform in Excel and paste it into the custom waveform generator, to output a custom waveform. Stimulator feedback channel allows the user to see the stimulator output. Stimulator toolbar allows changes to the protocol during recording.

Digital I/O

16 digital inputs/output are available. The Digital output can be preset to output a pattern, just like the stimulator.

The BIK-TR ROAM BioInstrumentation Lab Kit includes

Lab Manual

These Lab Exercises can be performed with the BIK-TR kit. These experiments support courses in Biomedical, Bioengineering, Bioinstrumentation, Signal Conditioning, Physiological systems, etc…

For additional exercises please visit the lab manual page

Optional Add-On Sets

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