STB-125 Add-On Student Tissue Bath System

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The STB-125 Student Tissue Bath System is an economically priced single channel system intended as an optional add-on to the AHK-TA Combination Animal/Human Physiology? Teaching Kit. Specific courseware is furnished to demonstrate the patterns of smooth muscle contractions involved in intestinal motility: segmentation which occurs in the circular layer of smooth muscle, pendular movements which occurs in the longitudinal layer, and peristalsis.

In this experiment, students measure the frequency and the amplitude of intestinal contractions and the relative level of tonus in the muscle before and after changes in the conditions presented to the muscle. They observe and record spontaneous smooth muscle? activity from the rat jejunum or ileum before recording and analyzing the responses of this tissue to physiologically relevant agents or conditions.


  • A-TB-BATH-125: 25 ml. Glass Tissue Chamber,
  • 2 x A-TB-FHFL-125: 2x Frog Heart Flat Loop Clip
  • 2 x A-TB-FLC-125: Fine Loop Frog Heart Clips
  • A-TB-GEC-125: Glassware Extension Clamp
  • A-TB-GTS-125: Glass Tissue Support
  • A-TB-MXBLK: Precision Micrometer X Block, transducer positioner
  • A-TB-NMB-125: Base with Rod
  • A-TB-O2C-125: Oxygen Connector
  • A-TB-PPC-125:Polypropylene Pinch Clamp
  • A-TB-ST15-125: 5ft Silicone Tubing 0.153?OD
  • A-TB-ST25-125: 10ft Silicone Tubing 0.438?OD
  • A-TB-XBLK: Open Sided X Block Clamp
  • A-TB-GTHC: Glass Tissue support Clamp


  • TB-HS-100: Glass Tissue Support with stimulation
  • HCS-100 : High current stimulator
  • C-HVS-SIP4-F : cable to connect the TB-HS-100 to the HCS-100 stimulator.



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