MNS-1 Add-On Muscle and Nerve Set for AHK-TA


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The MNS-1 Add-On Transducer Set extends the AHK-TA.

Click on the links below for more details and/or to purchase individual components, or request a quote for the complete kit.

The MNS-1 includes:

  • A-FEM-7025: The solid brass flat jaw femur clamp is used to hold muscle preparations when working with force or displacement transducers. A holder is needed to mount the clamp onto the rod stand.
  • A-TB-MXBLK: Precision Transducer Micrometer X Block positioner.
  • A-TB-XBLK : Open Sided X Block Clamp
  • A-TB-NMB-125: Rectangular forged steel base, with rod in end of base. Medium (Base is 8′ by 5′ by .75′. Rod is 23′ in length.).


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