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IA-100D: Single Channel Transducer Interface


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Single Channel Transducer Interface with DIN8 female input connectors
Compatible with iWorx Transducers with a DIN8 connector.


Number of channels1 (DIN8 connectors)
Operational ModesBridge
Input Impedance10 gigOhm
Transducer Excitation Voltage± 5 VDC
Gain110K (set by transducer)
Gain = 1> 80 dB (Minimum) / >92 dB (Typical)
Gain = 10> 95 dB (Minimum) / >110 dB (Typical)
Gain = 100> 110 dB (Minimum) / >120 dB (Typical)
Gain = 1000> 112 dB (Minimum) / >135 dB (Typical)
System Noise<10 µV (RTI) / < 2 µV (RTO)
Number of Outputs1 single-ended BNC connectors
Output Impedance (Maximum)<10 Ohm (Maximum) / <1 Ohm (Typical)
Power5 VDC, 500mA

Transducers compatible with the IA-100D

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