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A-GS-8: 8 Channel Gas Switcher

The A-GS-8 is an 8 channel gas switcher designed to allow measurements of gas exchange from multiple samples.


Manual: A-GS-8

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The A-GS-8 Gas Switcher allows multichannel measurements of respiration (VO2 and VCO2), nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis and transpiration. The switching between chambers is controlled via the digital input on the back of the A-GS-8. Includes:
  • A-GS-8 Gas Switcher
  •  12V DC power supply
  • DB9 male to female extension cable
  • 20 Male Luer connectors
  • 10 Female Luer connectors
  • 16 T connectors
  • 10ft of tubing


Number of Channels  8
 Digital i/o TTL low : Common -> A high: Common -> B
Connector: DB9 Male
Power supply 12V DC 1.5A
Connectors Luer

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