A-GAK-201: Face Mask and Non-Rebreathing Valve

Kit includes extra small face mask, head gear, valve-to-mask adapter ring, and 2-way non-rebreathing valve.


Manual: A-GAK-201
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  • Five Sizes of Face Pieces to cover a wide range of patient sizes.
  • Face Piece with New Facial Sealing Flange is a single piece mask, made of clear soft Silicone Rubber.
  • Anatomically Contoured Face Mask design with resilient ribbed support structure for a leak free comfortable fit and integrated Chin Cup for stability.
  • Easily adjustable, light weight, 5 strap Headgear for patient comfort, available in three sizes.
  • New Quick- Release Strap Clips for quick and simple mounting and dismounting of Headgear.
  • Reusable mask face pieces; steam autoclaveable, cold chemical, pasteurization and dishwasher safe.
  • Reusable NRB Valves validated for high level disinfection by cold chemical.
  • NRB Valves available in T & Y Shape in several sizes covering a full patient range.


Intended Use:

The Hans Rudolph 7450 series V2 Mask face piece is designed for use with the Hans Rudolph Two-Way Non-Rebreathing Valves (NRBV) and other mask adapters designed for respiratory circuits with spontaneously breathing patients where the application requires a valve to separate the patient’s inspiratory and expiratory flows or a special connector to mate directly to a respiratory flow meter or other device. The typical mouthpiece and nose clip is replaced by this face mask assembly and headgear. The masks and valves are supplied clean, non sterile. Typical applications are for pulmonary function testing, exercise testing and respiratory research. These mask valves are classified as  reusable and can be high level disinfected.

Cleaning Instructions for Mask.


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