Non Rebreathing Valve ( A-GAA-V-2700 )

Two-way, non-rebreathing valve (1.375 in. OD) for use with the iWorx 7400 Headgear, Silicone Mask and adapter. The headgear and facemask are accessories to the GA-200 Gas Analyzer and GA-300 Gas Analyzer. The device is included in the GAK-100 and GAK-300 accessories kits.


Manual: A-GAA-V-2700

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Two-Way Non-Rebreathing Valves have three ports identified as Inhalation, Exhalation and Mouth port. The Inhalation and Exhalation ports have one-way Spiral-Type™ Diaphragms to control the direction of air flow through the valve. A spontaneous breathing patient connected to the Mouth port will breathe in through the Inhalation port and breathe out through the Exhalation port as controlled by the placement of the
one-way diaphragms. The Spiral-Type™ diaphragms are designed specifically for low pressure respiratory breathing circuits

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