Silicone Face Mask (A-GAA-7450)

Silicone Face Mask with (A-GAA-HG-7450) Head Strap.

The headgear and facemask are accessories to the iWorx PEAK and GA-200 Gas Analyzers.


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  • Five Sizes of Face Pieces to cover a wide range of patient sizes.
  • Face Piece with New Facial Sealing Flange is a single piece mask, made of clear soft Silicone Rubber.
  • Anatomically Contoured Face Mask design with resilient ribbed support structure for a leak free comfortable fit and integrated Chin Cup for stability.
  • Easily adjustable, light weight, 5 strap Headgear for patient comfort, available in three sizes.
  • New Quick- Release Strap Clips for quick and simple mounting and dismounting of Headgear.
  • Reusable mask face pieces; steam autoclaveable, cold chemical, pasteurization and dishwasher safe.
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