The Psychology of Lie Detection

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Did you know that when a person lies there are several “tells”, or signs, that a trained professional can use to judge whether the person is being truthful or not? The accuracy of detecting a lie is about 65% for an expert interrogator. But that job may soon fall to a machine rather than a person.

Have your students explore the physiological effects of lying and if they can detect the tells of deception through eye tracking

Or set up your own polygraph experiment and use galvanic skin response to catch who is cheating.

Then see how emotions can be detected through the facial muscles using EMG. 

These labs can be completed in any order and will give you and your students activities to do to demonstrate these sometimes confusing topics.


Help your students better understand concepts from lecture and retain knowledge longer with hands-on learning. Choose from over 200 different lab exercises including cardiovascular, neuromuscular and respiratory experiments!

Other Popular Experiments

HK-TR ROAM Physiology Lab Kit with Wireless EMG/ECG

iWorx HK-TR ROAM Physiology Lab Kit

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  • Low Noise Wireless ECG/EMG (optional EEG)
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