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Hypothesis-driven Emotional Reaction

How do you feel about debates?

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In this interesting and often turbulent election season emotions can run high and opinions on various issues can be at odds with those of our peers. We can be surrounded by like-minded individuals and get “jazzed” up for our candidate or in a group of people with opposing ideas where heated arguments can ensue.

How does all this political intrigue affect us physiologically? Do we like the debate format? How much do we agree with what the  candidates are saying? What are our emotional reactions to all of what is happening in the political arena; in the world in general?

This activity is set to examine these questions. Using the “Emotion Intensity Meter”, subjects can “dial-in” their reactions to a specific news report on Debate Reform, as well as look at pulse and heart rate. However, this can also be used for any number of videos, audio reports or images.

As an interesting addition you can measure how you feel when you watch the Presidential Debates, both with your reaction using the event dialer, but also looking at some physiological parameters.

Download the lab

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