In response to the changing times on college and university campuses, as professors and students transition to online or alternative model learning, This software and accompanying data files are being made available at no charge to our customers and their students. Please download the free Remote Analysis Software to your course learning platform (Canvas, Moodle, etc…) so that students can access it for their computers. Download the Zip file and uncompress it one your computer.  There are 3 folders: MacOS, Windows and Sample_Datafiles. The MacOS and Windows folders contain the Labscribe executable.  The Sample_Datafiles folder has the following datafiles: This gives you the flexibility to have students open your own recorded data files, or have them use the sample data files available. When the students open the software, they will need to choose the hardware that the data file was recorded with.
  1. Open LabScribe
  2. A message – “No Hardware Detected” will be displayed
    • If using the TA system – choose IX-TA and then click OK to the iWire-B3G message.
    • If using the 214 system – choose iwx214
  1. Once the software opens – click File and then Open
    • If using your own recorded data files, email them as attachments for the students
    • The students should download the data file and save it to their desktop first, then they can choose the file to open
    • If using iWorx Sample Data files,  have your students choose the file from the  Sample_Datafiles.
  1. Students can then proceed to analyze the data as directed.
Please contact Judi, our Education/Technical Support Specialist, at [email protected] or 603-617-2575 (8:30-4:30 ET) if you have any questions or need any additional information or files.  

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