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The Effects of Caffeine on Swimming Performance in Correlation with Respiratory Function

Caitlin Reijman, Biology Major Abstract:Caffeine is often used by athletes to enhance performance, however the magnitude of its effects varies (Rauh, Burkert, Siepmann, & Mueck-Weymann 2006). Little has been done to correlate the effects of caffeine on respiratory function with its effects on performance (Chapman & Mickleborough  2009). The effects of caffeine on swimmers’ respiratory function may play an important part in performance enhancement. I hypothesized that caffeine improves swimming performance and that its effects can be explained by the effects of caffeine on both metabolism and ventilation.

Muscle Fatigue Differences in Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Muscle of NCAA Division lll Athletes and Non-athletes

Brook J. Bignell Hypothesis: It has been shown that differences in fatigability exist in the FDS muscle of division I athletes versus nonathletes; however, whether these differences extend to division III athletes versus nonathletes is unknown.

Physiological Responses to Music

Thomas L. Rohaly: B.S. (Psychology) at Ball State University,  is starting his terminal masters in Experimental Psychology and James Madison University this fall.

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