Kits for Hybrid Courses

iWorx provides teaching kits for traditional, remote, and hybrid courses. The kits allow distance learning students to engage in the same hands-on experiments as on campus peers.

Human Physiology Teaching Kit

On Campus

The TA Kits are designed for students working in groups of 2 - 4. Includes over 150 lab exercises.

REACH distance learning system full set

Remote/Distance Learning

The REACH-DL is designed for students working individually. Includes 15 core experiments.

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ECG – Exercise Circulation

ECG – PulseOx

ECG – Circulation 

Diving Reflex


EMG – Grip Strength

Antagonistic Muscles


EGG – Growling Stomach

Kinesiology-Targeted Exercise


Auditory-Visual Reflexes

Color Visual Reflexes


Breathing Rest and Exercise

O2 Saturation Ventilation – Part 1

Breathing and Gravity 

O2 Saturation Ventilation – Part 2


EEG-Cortical Arousal 

Stroop Effect (Psych Testing)


ECG – Rest and Exercise

ECG – O2 Saturation

ECG – Temperature

Diving Reflex


Grip Force

Muscles in Opposition

EOG – Electroculogram 

EGG – Electrogastrogram

Kinesiology-Targeted Exercise


Eye vs Ear Reflexes

Color Test


Breathing Rest and Exercise

Breathing O2 Saturation 

Breathing and Body Position

Breathing Activities O2 Saturation


EEG – Cortical Arousal 

Stroop Effect (Psych Testing)

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