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Welcome to the “End of Semester” issue of our Newsletter. We are always pleased to hear from you and invite your feedback. Please send comments to [email protected].

iWorx strives to keep up with latest technological information and changes, thus we are continually updating and upgrading our software to work with the latest operating systems on both PC and Mac computer systems. Software downloads and upgrades are always at no charge to our iWorx customers and can be found only on the User Area of our website ( If you are already a registered customer – just sign in as usual.

If you have not Registered as a User – simply fill out the form at, create your own User Name and Password, and when registered you will have complete access to the User site. 

Please note that all iWorx Users should now be running the new LabScribe ver. Please download and install the latest COMPLETE version for all the new labs and software upgrades. Easy installation of the software for your and your IT Depts.

Cleaning & Storage Procedures

With schools and universities getting ready to leave for semester, it is very important that procedures are in place for making sure your equipment is clean and properly stored.

We recommend storing your equipment in the kit box or in drawers with a foam mat insert to protect the transducers.

Cleaning procedures for the iWorx systems are quite easy. Everything from the TA boxes to the pulse sensors and event markers can be wiped down with disinfecting wipes. Make sure there is ample contact time for the wipe to do its job before the next person handles the system. Please do not use alcohol on any of our products.

Dec2021 - Cleaning

When doing the Spirometry labs this Spring, iWorx strongly recommends using individual bacterial/viral filters and disposable mouthpieces on the flow heads (Student Respiratory Kit). Independent laboratory tests have verified that the pulmonary function filter is highly effective.

It consistently filters out more than 99.999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses. After each use, for more peace of mind, it is recommended that the flow head and tubing be cleaned as well (Cleaning the Flow Head). The flow head and tubing need to be thoroughly dry before the next use.

For the Metabolic Cart, the tubing and mixing chamber, which are only exposed to expired air, can be cleaned with hot, soapy water using an antibacterial dish washing liquid. The mask and non-rebreathing valve should be cleaned using these directions Cleaning the Mask which come directly from the manufacturer. The 3L calibration syringe can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes.

Online Technical Support/Education

Our Education/Technical Support team encourages you to visit our Web site and take advantage of all the support and educational information that we update regularly. Our website includes a detailed Support page which includes a Tech Center, Video Tutorials, Newsletter archives, and much more.

Dec2021 - Online


Dec2021 - Training

In order to continue to fulfill our customers’ training and support needs, iWorx continues to provide free one-on-one web training for you and your colleagues. Setting up training is easy, just contact Judi D’Aleo, Education/Technical Support Specialist, at [email protected] and she will get you on her calendar for learning how to use your iWorx systems.

iWorx for Research

Many iWorx users use their systems for both Teaching and Research., including student research. iWorx also offers research systems for various applications including: ECG, EMG, Zebra Fish systems and many more.

Dec2021 - Research

Featured Product

Disposable Respiratory Kit

Disposable Respiratory Kit includes:

  • A-BF-304 Bacterial and Viral Filter
  • Mouth Piece
  • Nose Clip

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