LabScribe Software for Students

LabScribe software can be made accessible to students outside the classroom/lab in a few ways.

  1. Generally, the easiest way to give students access to LabScribe outside of the lab is to have the Information Technology (IT) department on campus place the software on all public computers, like library clusters. The school has full, free site license to do this. Students can access their data on any of these computers.
  2. You or IT can place the software installer link onto your classroom learning platform course sharing page (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc…) or your course website. We recommend using the software installer that does not include the PDF documents because the size of the full installer is too large.
    1. Right click the installer of your choice, generally the Complete Teaching installer and then choose Save Link As or Save Target As, and save the installer to your desktop.
    2. Upload the installer, which now looks like a CD icon, to the location of your choice.
    3. The students will need to save (drag and drop) the installer to their computer and then run it.
  3. Download the software installer to a USB stick. Follow the above directions, but rather than saving to your website or course sharing page, just save it to the USB stick. Students can then drag and drop the installer to their computer and run it. You can use the full installer with PDF documents or the one without.
  4. Give the students access to our website so they can download the software directly. You will need to give them your UN and PW to do this. Note that iWorx does not recommend sharing your UN and PW with anyone.
Updated on April 16, 2021

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