IX-TA-ROAM – Update Firmware How-To

You Will Need:

  • PC Computer and USB cable
  • iWorx data acquisition unit and power supply
  • Uncoiled, small, metal paper clip


NOTE: This procedure can only be completed on a PC. Once completed the systems will work on both PC and MAC computers.


  1. Download and install the latest version of LabScribe

  2. Use the USB cable to connect the computer to the USB port on the IX-TA-ROAM

  3. Plug the power into the electrical outlet. Insert the plug on the end of the power supply cable into the labeled socket. Use the power switch to turn on the unit. Confirm that the power light is on

  4. Launch LabScribe

  5. Make sure you see the Hardware Found message, click OK

  6. Click Edit → Preferences → Hardware
labscribe - Firmware

    6. Click Update Firmware

  • A new screen will open

  • Follow the directions

Update Firmware Directions
  • Click OK and continue to follow the onscreen directions


Once the firmware has been updated, the TA-ROAM will be ready to use as normal.

Updated on March 1, 2023

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