Customizing Labscribe for Individuals with Vision Impairments

Operating System

Windows have various options for individuals with vision impairments. Most of those settings can be used with LabScribe. Some common accessibility features include:

  • Making Items on Screen appear bigger with Magnifier
  • Make the Text Size Larger.

Options in LabScribe

labscribe - options

Under Edit→Preferences in LabScribe, various display options for the program can be set.


the colors used for channels and graphs can be set. For example to use a high contrast mode, you can set the graph background color to black and the graph line color to white. Colors for individual channels are selected from the channel menu in the Main window.


The thickness of the graph lines and the cursors, the marks line and block lines can be set as well.

Cursor Sensitivity:

The sensitivity of the cursor can be set using the Cursor Mouse Click Width setting. This allows the user to click near the cursor and still select the cursor.


Meters and Views In labscribe

Various meters can be created in LabScribe to display the recorded value as well as some calculations in a larger font.


iWorx Lab Manuals are provided as pdf and are available as open document format. These documents can be used with a screen reader and other assistive technologies.

Accessibility Report

iWorx Accessibility Conformance Report  for  VPAT Version 2.3 (Revised 508 Edition)

Updated on April 16, 2021

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