Create Your Own Settings File and Settings Group

Create Your Own Settings

PC or Mac Computer and USB cable
iWorx data acquisition unit and power supply

1. Use the USB cable to connect the computer to the USB port on the iWorx data acquisition system (such as the IX-TA, IX-400, IX-B3G).

2. Plug the power into the electrical outlet. Insert the plug on the end of the power supply cable into the labeled socket. Use the power switch to turn on the unit. Confirm that the power light is on.
Some systems get their power from the USB connection and do not have their own power supply.

3. Launch LabScribe.

4. It is recommended that you start with a pre-made settings file and make changes from there.

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose a pre-made settings file from the list that best matches what you would like to do.

5. Click Edit → Preferences (LabScribe → Preferences on a Mac)

6. Make any changes in this screen.

  • Acquisition Mode
    ◦ Chart
    ◦ Different Scope modes
  • Start and Stop methods
  • Sampling Speed
  • Display Time
  • Channels
    ◦ Channel number, Title, Acquisition Mode, Etc…
labscribe - PreferencesScreen 2

7. Click OK

8. Save your new Settings – click File → Save As →

  • Name your file
  • Save it as a .iwxset file (the default is .iwxdata)
  • Click Save

It is recommended that you save your settings either to your Desktop, Documents folder or to your ‘My Settings’ folder in LabScribe

Create Your Own Settings Group

If you choose to create an entire settings group:
1. Save your own Settings to the MySettings folder in LabScribe

  • C:Drive → Program Files → iWorx → LabScribe → MySettings


2. Once you have all your own settings created and saved to this location – to easily access them:

  • Click Settings
  • Load Group
  • MySettings
  • MySettingsGroup.iwxgrp
  • Click OK
  • Go to Settings and all your own lab settings will be listed here


Any additional files (word, pdf, etc) can also be saved in this folder with the same name as your settings file and they will open automatically when the settings file is chosen.

Updated on November 30, 2022

Design Your System

Choose the parameters you want to Measure

EMG : Number of Channels
Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Non-Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Flow : Number of Channels
Temperature: Number of Channels
Force: Number of Channels
Stimulation: Describe the type

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