Best Practices

Tips and Tricks for using your iWorx Systems and LabScribe

  • Generally – for all recordings it is best if subjects and other lab participants turn off their cell phones and place them in their backpacks. This goes for FitBits and other “smart” watches.
  • If using a laptop, make sure it is plugged in and not just using battery. This generally lowers electrical interference. If the “noise” is too much, try unplugging it and see if it gets better.
  • Always connect the devices and turn on the software in proper order. This will ensure that the hardware and software are communicating properly.
      • Plug the iWorx data acquisition box (like the IX-TA) into the wall and USB to the computer.
      • If you are using an iWire device (iWire-B3G for ECG/EMG/EOG etc… or any other iWire sensor) attach it to the IX-TA. Plug it into the wall and power it on if it has an on/off switch.
      • Turn on the IX-TA
      • Open the LabScribe software
  • You have complete site license to download and install software on all computers on campus and onto your own personal computer. IT may need to do this for you for the campus computers if you are not the system administrator. Software may also be given to students (Distributing LabScribe Software to Students)

  • The first time using the software, Load the Lab Settings.
      • Click Settings → Load Group → Load Group → Load Group → CompleteSettings
      • Choose IPLMv6Complete.iwxgrp and click OK
      • Click Settings and choose the Lab you would like to do
      • After choosing the Lab – click the “Experiment” tab for all the lab documentation.
  • Many of the sensors are sensitive to movement. It is important for the subject to stay as still as possible during recordings of things like ECG, pulse, GSR, and others.
  • The AutoScale All button on the toolbar will automatically scale your recording to the screen so it looks good. This icon can be clicked throughout the recording to keep the data maximized in the graph.
  • The “mountain peak” icons adjust the amount of data seen on the screen. Two mountains zoom in and increase the amount of data; the single mountain zooms out, so you see less data on screen. This can also be changed in the Display Time window.
  • If the pulse (PT-104) sensor is not picking up a pulse – trying loosening or tightening the Velcro strap. The subject should just be able to feel the pulse in their finger tip. Too tight and it cuts off circulation, too loose and it won’t pick up the slight changes in pressure. It also works better if the subject’s hands are warm.
  • For blood pressure labs, it is important to practice letting the air out of the cuff before putting the cuff on the arm. The air should be let out at a rate on 10mmHg/sec. Too fast and the BP will not be calculated correctly. Don’t forget that the pulse sensor goes on the finger of the same arm with the BP cuff.
  • For spirometry labs, the subject should practice breathing through the flow head before the start of the experiment. They need to inhale AND exhale through their mouths only. If they use their nose, the recording will drift in an upwards or downwards direction.
  • It is also extremely important that no air move through the flow head during the first 10 seconds of recording so that the software can calculate baseline.  If the subject starts breathing through the flow head during that 10 second period, the recording will drift.

  • Cleaning – Cleaning the iWorx FH-300 Spirometer Flow head ; or you can use the Student Respiratory Kits which include a bacterial/viral filter, mouthpiece and nose clip (A-SRK-100) Disposable Respiratory Kit
  • Contact Tech Support at [email protected] or at 603-617-2575 if you have questions.
Updated on November 30, 2022

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