EMG Recording and Analysis

iWorx has wired as well as wireless hardware options for recording EMG. LabScribe software has various functions to easy the recording and analysis of both surface as well as invasive EMG signals. 

The EMG recording and analysis manual is a guide for EMG hardware and software setup.

Table of Contents

  1. Background sEMG Information
  2. Hardware
    • Wireless Systems:
    • Wired Systems:
    • Consumables
  3. Registration and Software Installation
    • Downloading Software
    • Loading Setting Group
    • Choosing the Settings
  4. Learning to use LabScribe
  5. EMG Recording and Analysis
    • Normalizing to Maximal Voluntary Contraction (MVC)
    • Time Domain Analysis:
    • Rectified EMG Data:
    • RMS ( Root Mean Square):
    • Envelope EMG Data:
    • Smoothing the Rectified Data:
    • Cyclic Maximum of EMG:
    • Filtering:
    • Mean Frequency:
  6. Muscle Groups and Electrode Placement
  7. Sample Exercises
    • Squat
    • Bilateral Bridge
    • Forward Lunge
    • Standing Leg Abduction
    • Clam
    • Side-Step
    • Forward Step-Up
    • Sit-Ups
    • Bent-knee Curl-Up
Updated on April 16, 2021
Table of contents

Design Your System

Choose the parameters you want to Measure

EMG : Number of Channels
Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Non-Invasive BP : Number of Channels
Flow : Number of Channels
Temperature: Number of Channels
Force: Number of Channels
Stimulation: Describe the type

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