6 Lead ECG in Mice, Rats and other small animals

Lead I and Lead II ECG is collected by connecting needle electrodes to the 4 limbs of the animal. Lead II, aVF, aVL, aVR can be calculated by software if needed.  The recorded ECG is analysed using the ECG analysis module for LabScribe

Different recorders can be used to record ECG from small animals. Here is a list of application notes for some of the devices.  The IX-RA-834 and the IX-TA-220 can be used to record the small animal ECG using iWire-B3G, iWire-Bio4, iWire-BIO8 and platinum needle electrodes.

The settings for these measurements are installed as part of the complete installer, and can be found in the ResearchSettingsFiles folder in the LabScribe folder.

Updated on February 28, 2024

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