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Ganging multiple iWorx Recorders

Upto 4 iworx recorder can be ganged together to increase the number of channels.

When multiple iWorx recorders are connected to the computer, LabScribe will detect them and gang them together. The order of the devices can be changed in LabScribe. When devices are ganged this was the sampling clock for each device can be slightly different causing synchronization issues between the channels recorded from multiple devices. To overcome this problem, the some iWorx Recorders, such as the IX-TA-220 and the IX-RA-834 have the ability to sync multiple devices.

The IX-TA-220 and the IX-RA-834 have a sync in and a sync out port on the back of the units, Connect the Sync out from the first device ( Master) to the sync in on the second device, Then the sync out from the second device to the sync in on the third device, and so on.

The IX-BIOx series and the IX-EEG device have a sync in port, and they can be the last device. For example to Gang an IX-TA-220 with an IX-BIO4, use the C-BNC-J6 cable to connect the SYNC out port of the IX-TA to the SYNC in port of the IX-BIO4.

Updated on June 1, 2021

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