Syncing Multiple Devices

There are various methods to synchronize data collection with iWorx recorders and other data recorders.

Ganging multiple iWorx Recorders

Up to 4 iWorx recorders can be ganged together to increase the number of channels.

When multiple iWorx recorders are connected to the computer, LabScribe will detect them and gang them together. The order of the devices can be changed in LabScribe. When devices are ganged this was the sampling clock for each device can be slightly different causing synchronization issues between the channels recorded from multiple devices. To overcome this problem, the some iWorx Recorders, such as the IX-TA-220, IX-TR and the IX-RA-834 have the ability to sync multiple devices.

The IX-TA-220, IX-TR and the IX-RA-834 have a sync in and a sync out port on the back of the units, Connect the Sync out from the first device (Master) to the sync in on the second device, Then the sync out from the second device to the sync in on the third device, and so on.

The IX-BIOx series and the IX-EEG device have a sync in port, and they can be the last device. For example to Gang an IX-TA-220 with an IX-BIO4, use the C-BNC-J6 cable to connect the SYNC out port of the IX-TA to the SYNC in port of the IX-BIO4.

Trigger from iWorx Recorder to the Other Device

iWorx recorders with a stimulator or Digital Outputs (such as the IX-TA-220, IX-TR, IX-RA-834, IX-408, IX-416 etc.) can be set up to output a TTL pulse.

labscribe - Preferences dialog

To Setup the Stimulator open the preferences dialog in LabScribe. This will be under Edit (PC) or LabScribe (Mac).

Choose the Stimulator tab, and set up the stimulator to output a pulse, 5V, 100ms one time.

Select ‘Start Stimulator with Recording” to fire the stimulator and send the TTL pulse when the recording starts.

In the other device setup the device to trigger on receiving the TTL Pulse.

Trigger from Other Devices to iWorx Recorder

Any analog or digital input channel of an iWorx Recorder can be used to record a pulse from an external device.

Connect the Trigger output from your device to an input channel on the iWorx Recorder using an appropriate cable.

For example if the trigger output of your device has a BNC connector, then:

Connect to an iWorx Recorder with a BNC input use the C-BNC cable

1) For the IX-TA-220 or the IX-TR: connect to channel A3 or A4

2) For the IX-RA-834: connect to A1, A2, A3 or A4

3) For the IX-4xx series connect to any channel

To connect to an iWorx Biopotential Recorder without a BNC input but with 1.5mm safety inputs, you will need the C-BNC-P2-TTL cable.

Connect to any of biopotential channels, the ground of the BNC cable (Yellow) should be connected to the negative input of the biopotential channel. The Blue connector from the BNC cable should be connected to the positive input of the biopotential channel.

labscribe - TTL in ch 3 4

To setup the IX-BIOx for recording the TTL.

Make sure that the sampling speed is fast enough to record the trigger pulse, for example: If the width of the trigger pulse is 1msec, you need to be sampling at least 2k samples/sec.

Setup the input mode of the TTL input channel to DC-10kHz 2400mV

labscribe - input mode
Updated on December 22, 2022

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