iWorx offers a wide variety of adapter, computer, stimulator, and recording cables with various connections and lengths. All cables can be purchased online.

Types of Connectors

Cable Selection Guide

Use the Search to find the cables with the connector you need.  Some cables  are not available online. Trouble finding the cable you are looking for:  contact [email protected] 

Connector 1Connector 2Part NumberDescription
1.5mm Female Safety1.5mm Female SafetyC-ISO-FP3Single molded 1.5mm Female Safety pin connector to 1.5mm Female Safety pin connector lead.( C-ISO-FP1-B, C-ISO-FP1-R, C-ISO-FP1-G, C-ISO-FP3, C-ISO-FP5 )
1.5mm Female Safety2mm MaleC-ISO-2mmMSet of three 2mm Male Pin to Female Safety Pin Connector
1.5mm Female Safety4mm EEG ButtonC-ISO-SBReusable Button EEG Electrodes Ag/AgCl (4mm). Available in sets of 1, 5, 9, 17
1.5mm Female SafetyAlligatorC-ISO-AxRecording Cable - 3 Lead or 5 lead set of 1.5mm Female safety Pin to Alligator
1.5mm Female SafetyBar ElectrodeC-ISO-BARRecording Bar Electrode - Set 2 (Red and Black) Safety Connector to Bar Electrode
1.5mm Female SafetyDual HookC-ISO-H2Dual-Hook Electrode for use with iWire-Bxx or the IX-Bxx
1.5mm Female SafetyFlexible Silver WireC-ISO-F3Flexible Silver Wire Electrodes
1.5mm Female SafetyGSRC-ISO-GSRGSR Finger Electrodes (Set of Two) for use with iWire-B3G Recording Module
1.5mm Female SafetyGSR YBC-ISO-GSR-YBGSR Finger Electrodes (Set of Two), Blue and Yellow for use with IX-EEG and IX-GSR
1.5mm Female SafetyMono HookC-ISO-H1Monopolar extracellular Hook Electrode for use with iWire-Bxx or the IX-Bxx
1.5mm Female SafetyPlatinum NeedleC-ISO-PNxPlatinum Subdermal Needle Electrodes (48in) available in sets of 3, 5, 9, 17
1.5mm Female SafetySilver CupC-ISO-SCxEEG Silver-SilverChloride Cup electrodes, with head strap and Tac gel (C-ISO-SC3, C-ISO-SC5, C-ISO-SC7, C-ISO-SC9)
1.5mm Female SafetySnap LeadC-ISO-SLxSafety to Snap Leads available in sets of 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 17 ( C-ISO-SL3, C-ISO-SL5, C-ISO-SL7, C-ISO-SL9, C-ISO-SL10, C-ISO-SL17 )
1.5mm Female SafetySnap Lead YB for RespirationC-ISO-SL2YBRecording Leads - Yellow and Blue Snap leads for Respiration
1.5mm Female SafetySuction ElectrodeC-ISO-SUCTION3-lead isolated Biopotential Recording Cable to Suction electrode
1.5mm Male pinDual HookC-MP-H2Dual-Hook Electrode for use with NA-100 or NA-200 Neuro Amplifiers
1.5mm Male pinMono HookC-MP-H1Monopolar extracellular hook electrode for use with NA-100 or NA-200 Neuro Amplifiers
1.5mm Male pinPlatinum Needle, GreenC-MP-GNE-G5 inch GREEN male pin to Grass needle electrode cable
1.5mm Male pinPlatinum Needle, RedC-MP-GNE-R5 inch RED male pin to Grass needle electrode cable
1.5mm Male pinPlatinum Needle, BlackC-MP-GNE-B5 inch Black male pin to Grass needle electrode cable
1.5mm Male/ Female Safety1.5mm Male/ Female SafetyC-PB-P1Piggy-Back Male/Female Safety Pin Connector to Single Female Safety Pin Connector
2mm Female1.5mm Male PinC-2mmF-MP3a set of 3 2mmFemale connector to 1.5mm Male connectors
2mm Male2mm MaleC-2mmM-2mmMSet of three 2mm Male Pin to 2mm Male Pin Connector
2mm MalePlatinum NeedleC-2mmM-PNPlatinum Subdermal Needle Electrode terminating with 2mm male pin
3mm phono Jack3mm phono PlugC-STEREO-EXTMale-to-female stereo extension cable (6 ft.)
AAMI1.5mm Male PinC-AAMI-504Recording Cable - ECG/EEG/EMG - Includes set of 5 snap-leads in red, black, green, white and brown for IX-214 and IX-228
Banana femalePlatinum NeedleC-BF-PN112in Adapter Cable - female banana to platinum subdermal needle electrode
Banana Male2mm MaleC-B-2mmM2mm Male Pin to Banana Connector
BNC Male1.5mm Female Pin x2C-BNC-P2BNC to Dual Female Pin for use with NBC-401 and NBC-402 Nerve Bath Chambers
BNC Male1.5mm Male Pin x 2C-BNC-MP2BNC to Molded 1.5mm Male Pin
BNC Male1/4 inch phono plug (mono)C-BNC-25MPAdapter Cable - 1/4 inch phono plug (mono) to BNC (5ft)
BNC Male2mm MaleC-BNC-2mmMStimulator Cable - BNC to 2mm Male Pin (for Scisense EP interface box)
BNC Male3mm phono JackC-BNC-J6BNC to 3mm phono jack
BNC Male4x BNCC-BNC-4BNCBNC to 4 BNC cable for controlling 4 channels of the HCS-100 from 1 stimulator
BNC MaleAlligatorC-BNC-ALIGBNC to Alligator
BNC MaleBananaC-BNC-BBNC to Banana
BNC MaleBiopac DB9C-BNC-BIOPAC-DB9Cable to connect Biopac MP36 recorders analog output . Female DB9 to BNC
BNC MaleBNC Male, 10 ftC-BNC-10BNC to BNC 10ft
BNC MaleBNC Male, 5ftC-BNCBNC to BNC
BNC MaleBreadboardC-BNC-BBBreadboard to BNC cable
BNC MaleDIN8C-BNC-DINBNC to DIN 8 Adapter Cable
BNC MaleFlexible Silver Wire x2C-BNC-F2Stimulator Cable - BNC to Flexible 24-gauge silver wire electrodes
BNC MalePlatinum Needle x2C-BNC-PN2Stimulator Cable - BNC to Dual Platinum needle electrodes
BNC MaleSleeve ElectrodeC-BNC-SESleeve Electrode
DB151.5mm Female Pin x3C-DB15-P3Nerve Bath Recording Cable for Use with ETH-3000 and ETH-3100
DB9 MaleDB9 FemaleC-DB9-EXTDB9 Extension cable, Male to Female, 6 ft.
DIN8 FemaleBNC MaleC-FDIN-BNCBNC to Female DIN 8 Adapter Cable
DIN8 Male1.5mm Female Pin x3C-DIN-P3Adapter Cable - Male DIN 8 to 3 Pin Female Lead Set
DIN8 Male1/4 inch phono plug (mono)C-DIN-25MPAdapter Cable - 1/4 inch phono plug (mono) to DIN (5ft)
DIN8 Male3mm phono JackC-DIN-J6DIN to 3mm phono jack
DIN8 MaleBananaC-DIN-BDIN to Male Banana Cable
DIN8 MaleBiopac DB9C-DIN-BIOPAC-DB9Cable to connect Biopac transducers with DB9 connector to iWorx DIN8 input amplifiers and recorders
DIN8 MaleBreadboardC-DIN-BBDIN to Breadboard adaptor cable
DIN8 MaleDIN8 FemaleC-DIN-EXTAdapter Cable - M/F DIN Extension (5 ft.)
DIN8 MaleDIN8 Female with GainC-DIN-M-F-GAINAdapter Cable - M/F DIN with Gain (C-DIN-M-F-x10 C-DIN-M-F-x100 C-DIN-M-F-x1000 )
DIN8 MaleDIN8 MaleC-DIN-MMAdapter Cable - DIN 8 Male to Male (5 ft.)
DIN8 MaleEdwards Tru-Wave BPC-DIN-ELTruwaveAdapter Cable for Edwards Life sciences TRU-WAVE Blood Pressure Transducer
DIN8 MaleGrass FemaleC-DIN-GRASS-FAdapter Cable - DIN 8 M (5 ft.) to Grass F, for Grass transducers such as the FT-03
DIN8 MaleGrass MaleC-DIN-GRASS-MAdapter Cable - Grass M to DIN 8 M (5 ft.)
DIN8 MaleMillarC-DIN-MILLARAdapter Cable - TC510 to DIN (5 ft.)
DIN8 MaleSnap Leads x3C-DIN-SL3DIN to 3 Snap-Lead Non-Isolated Recording Cable for use with ETH-256 Amps.
DIN8 MaleSpec 20C-DIN8-SPEC-20Adapter Cable - Spectronic 20 to iWorx DIN 8
DIN8 Male x 4Smiths Medical Advisor MonitorC-DIN-SMCustom Cable: 4-channel analog output cable for Smiths Medical Advisor Monitor #9200
HV Safety1.5mm Male Pin x2C-HVS-MP2Cable HV Stimulator to 2 Isolated Male Pins Red and Black. To allow the use of isolated electrodes to be used with the HV stimulator
HV Safety2mm Male x2C-HVS-2mmMStimulator Cable - Set 2 (Red and Black) Safety Connector to 2mm Male Pin
HV SafetyAlligator x2C-HVS-A2Stimulator Cable - Set 2 (Red and Black) Safety Connector to Alligator
HV SafetyBar ElectrodeC-HVS-BARStimulator Cable - Set 2 (Red and Black) Safety Connector to Bar Electrode
HV SafetyPlatinum Needle x2C-HVS-PN2Set of Two Platinum Subdermal Electrodes with High Voltage Safety Connectors
HV SafetySnap Lead x2C-HVS-SL2Stimulator Cable - Set 2 (Red and Black) Safety Connector to Snap-Lead
HV SafetyTissue Bath HookC-HVS-SIP4-FStimulator Cable for the Tissue Bath hook: TB-HS-100
iWire MaleiWire MaleC-iWIRE-1iWire Cable for connecting iWire GAx to iWire ports on the IX-TA-220 or the IX-RA-834, 1ft.
Mini XLR Male1.5mm Male pinC-MXLR-MP3Mini-XLR to 3 Male Isolated connectors, for connecting electrodes to the IX-100F or IX-100Z recorders
Mini XLR MaleMini XLR FemaleC-MXLR-EXTMini-XLR extension Cable
Mini XLR MalePlatinum NeedleC-MXLR-PN3Mini-XLR to 3 platinum needle electrodes
Mini XLR MaleSilver CupC-MXLR-SC3Mini-XLR to 3 silver Cup Electrodes
Mini XLR MaleSnap LeadC-MXLR-SL3Mini-XLR to 3 snap leads
USB ADB9MC-USB-SERIALUSB to RS-232 DB9M Serial Converter
USG2mm MaleC-USG-2mm6ft, US wall plug Grounded connector to 2mm male pin Connector cable. for grounding catheter interface box.
USGBananaC-USG-B6ft, US wall plug Grounded connector to Banana Connector cable. for grounding iWorx Recorders and Amplifiers.
USGAlligatorC-USG-A6ft, US wall plug Grounded connector to Alligator Connector
USGBanana & 2mm MaleC-USG-B-2mm6ft, US wall plug Grounded connector to 4mm Banana Connector for grounding iWorx Recorders and Amplifiers. and a 2mm banana cable for grounding the catheter interface box

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