Biomedical Engineering

The Latest Generation in Lab Kits: IX-TA-ROAM Lab Kits

Bioinstrumentation Lab Kit
  • Over 100 step-by-step built-in lab exercises
  • Pre-calibrated sensors
  • Quick setup
  • Includes all hardware, software, and courseware
  • Circuit Design and Breadboard
  • MatLab, LabView, and C++ Drivers
  • Trusted by over a thousand colleges and universities!

The UBIK-TR Ultimate BioInstrumentation Physiology Lab Kit includes all of the necessary hardware and components, LabScribe software and expertly written courseware to teach 85 experiments and more than 200 exercises in biosensing cardiovascular, respiratory, and neuromuscular physiology. The UBIK-TR kit also allows the student to signal condition, biosignals acquired from biosensors.

Ultimate BioInstrumentation Lab Kit

Previous Generation Teaching Kits

BioInstrumentation Physiology Lab Kit
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • 59 lab experiments
  • Quick setup
  • Adaptable to any lab manual
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Over 200 exercises
  • Quick setup
  • Adaptable to any lab manual
Ultimate BioInstrumentation teaching Kit
HK-ELVIS NI-ELVIS Compatible Human Physiology Teaching Kit

iWorx provides various teaching systems compatible with National Instruments Hardware and LabView.  This provides a solution for biomedical engineering programs where basic human physiology and virtual instrument design are the priorities.

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