ROAM Physiology Lab Kit with Wireless EMG/ECG

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IX-TA-ROAM Wireless Recorder

iWorx Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems delivers more performance and value to your Physiology Lab

All-in-one Physiology Teaching and Research Systems

  • Focus: on your physiology teaching or research with easy-to-use equipment and software
  • Improve student engagement
  • Record: cardiovascular, neuromuscular, metabolic and psychological parameters
  • Analyze: with LabScribe software; robust for research, simple enough for teaching
  • Perform: over 200 built-in lab exercises, research protocols or create your own experiments
  • Expand: with exclusive iWire™ built-in digital interface technology
  • Receive: free software updates, open site license, video tutorials and instructor training
  • Know: you are getting superior value and support

iWorx believes in helping educators and researchers Make Physiology Happen!

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We are pleased to note that 93 of the top 100 schools in the U.S. (as ranked by US News and World Report) are currently using iWorx equipment and software in their labs.

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